Guggenheim Retains Strong Customer Relationships Thanks to Its Website

A user-friendly website makes it simple for visitors to search for information using any device. Users will spend more time interacting with your website if it is straightforward to use, which will eventually increase conversions.


This is where Guggenheim faces the most difficulty in achieving its goals.


The Challenge

Although Guggenheim’s website is functional, it is not adaptable enough to meet current needs. To compete with companies that are updating their online presence, a website must be user-friendly and adaptable to the screen size of any device that will be used to access it.

The vast majority of customer journeys now start on mobile devices, and a poor mobile experience will abort sales opportunities before they even start.

The Solution

ACX bet on a responsive design by creating a single website with layouts, content, and element sizes that adjust automatically based on screen size.

In terms of ensuring that page content functions well on various screen sizes, adaptive design is not without its challenges. This is particularly true when deciding whether or not to implement a flexible design.

ACX has also conducted a review of the website. Before launching a large-scale search engine optimization (SEO) campaign or redesigning a website, it is best to conduct a website audit to determine the performance of each page.

The Outcome

After the professional redesign, Guggenheim’s website impresses visitors and reflects the company’s brand identity.

Guggenheim is an Ohio-based real estate company offering leasing, investment sales, and property management services.

Learn more about them at

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