Vantedge Solutions Boasts User-Friendly and Operable Even in Heavy Traffic Website

A user-friendly website makes it easy for users to look for information using any device. Because your website is easy to use, users spend more time interacting with your website, eventually resulting in conversions.


This is the area where Vantedge Solution struggles to achieve. 


The Challenge

Vantedge Solutions has a decent website. However, it is not responsive to the needs of the time. With other businesses revamping their online presence, a website must be accessible and responsive to any device it can be accessed.

Most consumer journeys now begin on mobile devices, and poor experiences will kill chances before they begin.

The Solution

ACX banked on a responsive design by creating a single website that adapts layouts, content, and element sizes to suit different display sizes.

Although responsive design is not the only method for mobile optimization, it is the method that Google recommends, and it also makes a great deal of sense from a search engine optimization point of view. Choosing to go the road of adaptable design does not come without problems, particularly when optimizing page content across various screen sizes.

Moreover, ACX conducted a website audit. A website audit is an examination of page performance prior to large-scale search engine optimization (SEO) or a website redesign.

The Outcome

Vantedge Solutions’ website has undergone a professional revamp, producing an output that will impress visitors and exude the company’s brand identity.

Vantedge Solutions is a Cebu-based concierge business process outsourcing firm dedicated to creating streamlined solutions and providing genuinely remarkable experiences to its clients and customers using principles that will guarantee strong customer engagement. Access their website here:

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