8X Digital Accelerates Business Thru Its Upscaled Website

Digital marketing agencies are on the rise as the demand for businesses to appear online increases. This prompted 8X Digital to create its own website. The Australia-based marketing agency approached ACX Outsourcing Hub for website development. 


The Challenge

8X Digital envisioned a website that would fully capture its entity as a brand and showcase its array of services. 

With this in mind, 8X Digital was specific with their need for a website: dynamic and easy to access.

The Solution

Because dynamic content allows users to customize and personalize the website experience and what is displayed, ACX strategized to meet client expectations.

Other services include logo enhancement and website audit and maintenance. 

The Outcome

8X Digital now boasts on its website and is at par with other digital services due to constant communication between it and ACX Outsourcing Hub, ensuring that before 8X Digital accelerates others, it is already on its steady acceleration.

8X Digital is an Australia-based digital marketing firm created out of a need for small business owners who wasted money and resources on a social media strategy and website that didn’t work. 

Learn more about them and the services they offer: https://8xdigital.com.au/about-us/.

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