How Precious Mammaries Wins Big Thanks to Digital Marketing

A business owner wants to go to the customer. Consumers are spending more time and resources than ever before on online platforms. People are viewing advertisements on websites, apps, or social media. This prompted Precious Mammaries, a breastmilk jewelry and keepsake company, to dive into this area of business-making. 


The Challenge

A fresh landing page was required for Precious Mammaries in order to attract new customers. A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. 

Its website, in particular, was in dire need of an update. It was also necessary to roll out a social media management plan.

The Solution

ACX Outsourcing Hub created a landing page for Precious Mammaries – a single page that contains quick facts about the company. Additionally, social media campaigns have been launched to reach a wider audience, eventually garnering attention and awareness among netizens.

The Outcome

By utilizing ACX’s services, Precious Mammaries has preserved an ongoing online presence. Despite the end of the relationship, ACX’s impact on Precious Mammaries’ clients continues through the upkeep of ACX’s procedures.

Precious Mammaries makes custom jewelry and soaps made from DNA, whether breast milk, placenta, lock of hair, ashes,  or a combo.

Learn more about them at

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