ACX Studio Steadily Advertises Online; Boasts on Eye-Catching Graphics and Quality Posts

ACX Studio firmly believes that photography provides so much value to people’s lives by documenting memorable moments, people, and locations, as well as by assisting in learning and growing as individuals. 


To reach more people and get its services known to the public, ACX Studio needed a strong online presence.


The Challenge

ACX Studio, being a relatively new company, requires a solid basis for building its online presence. This includes the establishment of its social media accounts as well as the general branding of the company for its potential clients.

The Solution

ACX Outsourcing Hub created social media accounts for ACX Studio.

ACX managed its social media accounts by providing quality photos and videos for advertisements, as well as creating logos and managing its social media accounts.

The Outcome

ACX Studio steadily treads the digital world. Powerful organic social media management that ACX Hub included a number of different strategies, some of which include the incorporation of humorous and witty content, such as memes, as well as engaging posts, such as polls.

Additionally, ACX included a number of different strategies that included engaging posts, such as polls.

ACX Studio, a subsidiary of ACX Outsourcing Hub, is a photography studio in Mandaue City, Cebu, that offers services like pictorials and studio rental.

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