GlobalityNET Confidently Joins Outsourcing Competition With a Rebranded Website and Digital Marketing

Ad campaigns are an important marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses that want to increase brand awareness and profits. Moreover, websites and social media platforms are great tools for increasing brand awareness. 


The Challenge

GlobalitNET’s website suffers from poor page speed, especially for mobile devices, which must be fixed to improve speed.

Additionally, its ad campaigns also suffer due to the lack of call-to-action that could persuade audiences what to do next. Furthermore, copies shall highlight the brand and deals in the headline since most of the audience is scrolling for great deals. 

The Solution

ACX studied GlobalityNET and its competition and ensured it would stand out from the rest. 

The website has been revamped, and made sure it will be responsive on all types of devices. Moreover, the contents have been revised so that they will be more targeted, excluding unnecessary negative keywords 

To address ad campaigns not working, ACX created different Thank You pages to track conversions accordingly. Additionally, a display campaign was created for brand awareness and A/B testing.

The Outcome

GlobalityNET boasts of a well-performing website. With the different types of ad campaigns integrated as part of the digital marketing strategy, GlobalityNET slowly emerges in search engines thanks to the SEO-friendly keywords included in the content and website.

Additionally, prospective clients will enjoy a more accessible and high-speed website. 

GlobalityNet is an outsourcing company that aims to help small and midsize businesses compete in a global marketplace through its accounting, supply chain, and customer support outsourcing services. 

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