Immerse in Your Brand — Bidlisiw Foundation, Inc. Desktop and Mobile Screensavers

Bidlisiw Foundation, Inc. is among the longest standing partners and clients of ACX Outsourcing Hub. Bidlisiw Foundation had realized the effective actions and optimum quality deliverables acted upon by ACX in integrating the wants and needs of the organization. Communication is thoroughly executed to render a flawless understanding of what is needed to be done. 


Bidlisiw Foundation is a social development agency with the hope and vision of refining the quality of life for Filipino families and communities. They dedicate their system into opening opportunities, providing access, and planting hope for the most marginalized and disadvantaged children, families, and communities who are all worthy of a chance in excelling. 


Among the encompassed projects performed, Bidlisiw Foundation outsourced ACX Outsourcing Hub for their desktop and mobile screensavers. They entrusted the company with the mapping and creation of 4 varying designs that incorporate different cybercrime awareness for the safety and protection of the Filipino youth. 


The specialists of ACX Outsourcing Hub assigned to this project were able to deliver immediate action to the task. A systematic process of quality control and assurance was applied to ensure that the outputs were in impeccable condition, thus only requiring very minimal revisions.


At ACX, we learn, understand, and immerse your brand so we can give our clients the exemplary services they deserve. Bidlisiw Foundation, Inc. is among our prominent projects completed and we take pride in saying that up to this date, Bidlisiw Foundation continues to entrust us with Graphic Services that speaks for their brand.

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