The Hyundai Partnership: Accelerating Social Media Reach with an Improved Social Media Content Management

Social media content that is ineffective, bland, and dull wastes time and discourages online participation. Hyundai Cebu, Inc. turned to ACX Outsourcing Hub to revamp its social media content management to ensure it was giving its followers and the broader public the most outstanding user experience possible.

From custom graphics design to your beloved social media postings, Hyundai Cebu has experienced it all with ACX Outsourcing Hub. 


The Challenge

Hyundai Cebu, Inc. updates its social media accounts when there are important events, company milestones, sales, and other important events. In social media, one’s presence is validated through engagement. Hyundai Cebu sees the need to increase their engagement and connect more with their target audience. 

And clearly, a new solution was needed to save time, provide a better experience, and reach a wider audience.


The Solution

To improve engagement and visibility across social media platforms, Hyundai partnered with ACX to accelerate social media reach through enhanced social media content management.

ACX proposed a digital marketing package that includes social media management and design & media. With its marketing Avengers, ACX was able to up Hyundai’s social media accounts by providing compelling, witty, and eye-catching graphics and content. ACX revamped everything and scheduled individual posts for a specific number of days in a week throughout the month.


The Outcome

ACX has made steps to ensure that the content of Hyundai Cebu’s social media pages will consistently convey the brand’s identity through branded content. This is on top of increasing the quality of graphics and scheduling posts to bring the social media accounts to life.

Although some posts contain sales pitches, the posts focus on the brand’s values, not on its products or services Through strategic posting, Hyundai Cebu was able to publish value-added posts that resonated with their audience. More importantly, the overall strategy implemented by ACX contributed for them to reach their company targets. 

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