Miracle Memorial Strengthens Online Presence Thru Its Revamped Website

While a website can be technically sound and working, it might be outdated with traditional UI and UX.


It is the era of digital marketing, and it is constantly changing and progressively evolving. As the forerunner of the company responsible for its growth, be it through sales, marketing, design, or management, it’s duty-bound to examine how contemporary the company’s website is. 


Memorial Miracle decided it was about time to audit its website and see if it needed a revamp.


The Challenge

Miracle Memorial experienced a slow website. Slow websites are bad news for businesses in multiple ways.

There is also low post engagement in social media accounts.

The Solution

ACX revamped the website, considering the updates in the interface and host. 

For the social media posts, ACX noted the importance of hashtags and the different types of posts. Hashtags are important on social media because they enable users to discover content. Using relevant hashtags helps content be discovered and drives traffic to it, allowing an increase in views, likes, and shares.

The Outcome

Miracle Memorial enjoys a smooth-sailing website. Regarding social media management, the accounts are active due to scheduled posts and the different types of posts that increase engagement and impact website visits.

Miracle Memorial offers memory preservation through cremation pieces like jewelry that will stay for a lifetime and bring joy and comfort despite losing a special someone.

Learn more about them at: https://shop.miraclememorial.com/.

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