How Pacific Accounting Solidifies Its Social Media Presence

There are billions of people all over the world who use social media to connect with others and spread information. Simply put, social media is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones, expand one’s horizons, acquire new skills, discover new hobbies, and be entertained. Using social media for professional purposes allows one to connect with others in his field, expanding one’s knowledge and professional network. When used on a corporate level, social media platforms facilitate two-way communication with target demographics, collect valuable customer feedback, and promote the company’s brand.

For all these reasons, Pacific Accounting, an Australian-based accounting and bookkeeping firm, turned to ACX Outsourcing Hub. 

The Challenge

The CEO of Pacific Accounting, Kevin Beck, wanted to establish a strong foundation for his company’s social media on Facebook and LinkedIn, and part of this process included creating his account on each platform.

The Solution

ACX recognizes the importance of organic posts as the cornerstone of effective social media management. The relationship that a company has with its clients or audience can be fostered through the use of an organic social media strategy. It helps to establish and expand the brand’s presence in the areas where people spend most of their time.

ACX included a number of powerful organic social media strategies, some of which being humorous and witty content, such as memes, as well as engaging posts like polls.

The Outcome

ACX has taken measures to guarantee that the content of Pacific Accounting’s social media pages accurately conveys the brand’s identity through branded content. In addition to this, it has improved the accompanying graphics of captions and increased the frequency of postings to bring the social media accounts to life.

Pacific Accounting is an Australian-based accounting and bookkeeping firm that offers virtual services like books and wages, accounting and innovation, virtual CFOs, and compliance. Learn more about them at

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