How TechUnited Maximizes Website Design To Attract Partners

A professionally designed website can help make a positive first impression on potential clients. Also, it might assist in developing leads and increase conversions. But more importantly, it offers a positive user experience and facilitates easy access and navigation for visitors to the website.


The Challenge

TechUnited approached ACX for website development. This includes customized color and design, and typography. Moreover, the website should be responsive to any device.

The Solution

ACX Outsourcing Hub is home to a team of skilled web designers that breezed through the job of ensuring that the project had a visually appealing color scheme and layout.

In addition, ACX has organized the various components of the website, such as the header and footer.

The Outcome

The website exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere with an eye-catching and cozy color scheme that is suitable for the service that it provides to its customers. Most significantly, it operates seamlessly and adapts to the specifications of each gadget. 

TechUnited is dedicated to serving technology and life science companies with various educational events/programs, networking opportunities, and recognition celebrations.

Learn more about them at:

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