Speak Through Visual Representation — Satoshi Media Social Network Presence

Satoshi Media is a YouTube channel that pivots around the world of crypto. The public account transmits latest updates, exciting NFTs, and inspiring stories on the various elements of crypto space. Satoshi Media trusted ACX Outsourcing Hub and its partner-business, ACX Studio, as they make the channel a vibrant representation of the business. Satoshi Media appreciates the joint effort garnered by the team to publish quality-driven videos.

With over 7 social networking accounts, Satoshi Media slowly and surely developed brand image as their presence is handled by ACX Outsourcing Hub incorporates timely and relevant content that is fit for the business niche. Every detail of Satoshi Media’s online appearance is maintained with the same color scheme, font, and tone to maximize its branding efforts. 

Satoshi Media considered ACX Outsourcing Hub as the right company to entrust the social media management and video production. Deliverables have been accomplished right away without compromising the quality. Each task is thoroughly planned and laid out by the entire ACX team. There is a clear process before production and quality assurance before the materials are uploaded.

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