The State Of Business Email Marketing

The State Of Business Email Marketing - ACX Outsourcing HUB

Have you ever heard of email marketing? What comes to mind when you encounter this?

A lot of you will probably think this is an old-school and unnecessary technique in marketing as it may seem annoying and forceful. In short, SPAM.

To flip your way of thinking, we will briefly and concisely explain what this practice truly is all about and how it’s beneficial to companies.

Business email marketing stands as the pillar of a company. How? It is the medium that connects a company to potential clients. With the uprising of social media, email marketing is assumed to slowly deplete into the void. However, the art of email marketing continues to flourish with the advancement of technology.

Email marketing effectively linked countless companies, partners, and even freelancers toward a client and continues to do so. Several tools and sites are even upgraded to make this method more efficient. To people who have not fully explored this practice, it may seem annoying or tedious but in all honesty, they’re missing the good part.

In a report from Newoldstamp, findings reveal that nearly 66% of respondents anticipate email marketing as a means of communication with prospects. Although social media, face-to-face, and phone communications are popular instruments, they still go behind email marketing in the lead. This goes to show just how effective email marketing was, is, and will continue to be.

Even with email marketing continuously booming and consistent with its lead, many professionals still find instant messaging a quicker way to get communications done. However, email marketing contains the professional reputation of a company and strengthens the brand image. This goes to show that email marketing retains the reliable approach in relationship building and client communication.


ACX as Your Business Email Marketing Aid

Dedicated to keeping our clients happy and protecting the trust given to us, we guarantee our partners that we will effectively garner potential clients for you. With our strong POD-system, passionate members, and perplexing tools and connections, we can send thousands of emails to YOUR potential clients and round up a long list of them who are ready to make a deal.

You read that right!

ACX does not settle for mediocrity and our members exert every effort to get things done. Several partners were aided by ACX to grow bigger as a company. This is because of our unparalleled email marketing expertise.

So, what is the current state of business email marketing? ACX proves that it continues to be a fine choice for communication and connection.

Do you want to have the same experience? Message our specialists today!

The State Of Business Email Marketing

Have you ever heard of email marketing? What comes to mind when you encounter this?

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